Hachette own the Enid Blyton rights these days and are marketing Enid for the 21st Century, commissioning Bruno Vincent to write Famous Five pastiches (Five Give Up the Booze, etc.) and a range of authors to bring Malory Towers up to date.. Their website is:

The Enid Blyton Society is a fantastic Blyton resource. Check out The Cave of Books and the Forums in particular:

For enquiries about the photographs contained in ‘ENID’S LAST INTERVIEW’ contact Rolf Adlercreutz:

As of the middle of 2017, I realise I've got several websites on the go, as follows:

Concerning myself:
Duncan McLaren

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Enid Blyton
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Concerning artists:
Paul Noble
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Concerning Kate (who appears in
Looking For Enid):
Strange Bundle
Kate Clayton

Concerning the end stages of my mother's life:
Visiting Mabel

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