LOOKING FOR ENID was published by Portobello Books in 2007. You can still get the lovely hardback in a few places. The paperback is in print and an ebook is due to be released at the end of September, 2012. All these editions can be bought here: HOORAH!”

EVELYN!: Rhapsody for an Obsessive Love, my take on Evelyn Waugh, was about to be published as a hardback and as an e-book by Beautiful Books in 2011 when the publisher went into administration. SHAME!”

It was partly the frustration of the lost e-book that inspired me to set up a website to promote EVELYN!, though the site is intended to work also as a stand-alone project: www.evelynwaugh.org.uk

The Waugh website gives me so much pleasure that I wondered if I could reflect my continuing interest in Enid Blyton in a similar way. I soon realised that I had several ideas that had little chance of being published in print but which I thought might work in a screen context. And as I’ve worked on these ideas I’ve just got more and more excited about this initiative.

Today, May 21, 2012, I’m posting ’The Secret Seven’. I hope to be adding to this website regularly over the next few weeks, months and - dammit, why not? - years.